Football Genius RULES

The Football Genius iOS App is sponsored by Edge Systems alone. Users of the iOS App hereby specifically acknowledge and agree that Apple is not a party hereto, and that Edge is solely responsible for sponsorship of the Contests and any applicable prizes.

You acknowledge that Apple is not a sponsor of the Contests and/or any applicable prizes hereunder.

Episodes of the Contest will be announced through the App from time to time. You may join the Contest while it is live. Sponsor reserves the right to cancel Contests, in our sole discretion, without any restrictions.

No purchase or payment is necessary to participate in the Contest. Enter the Contest by completing each of the following steps:

  1. Download or open the Football Genius application downloaded through the Apple Store on your mobile device, and either (a) if you already have a Football Genius account, log into your existing Football Genius account, or (b) if you do not already have a Football Genius account, sign up for a Football Genius account with a verified phone number.

  2. Click the scheduled NFL game. Football Genius will then automatically match you with other players. You will receive a notification before the live game begins. You will have a chance to predict the upcoming play before the ball is snapped. If you get the answer right, you will win points. If you win more points than other players you will win a prize.

  3. Play at least one Football Genius live prediction game to completion.

  4. Winners are determined by the state of the results of the play/game when the quarter or drive is first marked as complete. Any challenge or penalty that reverses the result of a play will not change winner results.